Shraman Arogyam

To help Guru Bhagvants and benefit from their wisdom is only possible by good, selfless work. Jain Sangh and followers are always eager to gain from the wisdom of the Guru Bhagvants. Hence, an innovative scheme has been initiated to provide immediate healthcare for Guru Bhagvants, who are suffering from health problems, diseases, etc. due to traveling wide distances.Taking these facts into consideration, JITO has initiated Shranam Arogyam scheme, under the leadership of Pujya Shri Nayapagyasagarju Maharaj and with the support of Jain Doctor Federation. Sixteen thousand sadhu-sadhvis are covered under this scheme. Enormous corpus of funds has been collected with the generous donations of Jains.

Under this scheme all Guru bhagavants of Jain religion will be provided with a Health card. By using this card, Guru Bhagvants can avail free of cost health treatment at a pre-determined hospital. The Scheme is being managed by Doctor's Federation under the auspices of National Doctor's Federation in association with Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd. This scheme is in operation since three years. Under this scheme 6617 Guru Bhagvants have received smart cards. 218 Guru Bhagvants have received healthcare till date. A total of Rs. 2 crores have been spent under this scheme. JITO was privileged to provide for the healthcare of the Guru Bhagvants by accessing this golden opportunity.

In order to make available healthcare to Guru Bhagvants, Jain Organizations and institutions are requested to contact JITO office. Complete information about the services will be available at the office.


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