Activities & Events

5 years ago
There is a lot of traction for JITO in the community settled abroad. This time it was Spain, where JITO made a mark with its initiative on 13th November 2018. This is the first Overseas Initiative in ..
JITO Australia Launched
6 years ago
Another Big Hit from JITO......JITO Australia launched on 2nd June at MCEC Melbourne in a grand ceremony with announcement of 3 CP and 70 Patron members. Action packed day with full house of more than..
JITO Uganda Launched
6 years ago
JITO’s Journey of success continues in East Africa!! JITO Uganda pre-launch turned into a Chapter launched on 20th May 2018 with 8 CP and 19 Patrons at Kampala. This small country has only 80 Ja..
JITO Kenya Launched
6 years ago
JITO safar reaches African Safari. JITO Kenya was launched in style at Nairobi on 12th May 2018 with announcement of record 25 CP and 130 Patron members under the Chairmanship of Mr. Bharat Doshi with..
JITO Japan Installation and orientation program
6 years ago
JITO Japan Installation and orientation program was done in a grand ceremony on April 8 at Tokyo in presence of Shri Shantilal Kawar, Shri Dhiraj Kothari, Shri Sanjay Lodha, Shri Vijay Bafna, Shri Paw..
JITO Thailand Launched
6 years ago
JITO rocks again internationally!! Thailand launched on 16th December 2017 in a grand ceremony jam packed with almost 500 guests at Bangkok. With 4 new CP and 35 new Patron members announced since pre..
JITO USA Launched
6 years ago
Jain International Trade Organization - JITO USA - kicked off its New York Launch Event on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan (NY). The presence and participation of a pa..
JITO Nepal - 25th March 2017
6 years ago
JITO Nepal Chapter was launched on 25th March 2017 in the presence of Hon.Vice President of Nepal. 4 CP and 45 Patrons were announced. Ladies Wing was also launched with 50 members. The event was grac..
Seminar on Holistic Management of Coronary Heart Disease
6 years ago
Seminar on Holistic Management of Coronary Heart Disease 25th October 2017..
Beyond Boundaries
6 years ago
Success Stories of Leading GlobalBusiness Icons15th April 2017..
San Francisco
6 years ago
G2G – 17th to 18th Sept 2016..
Jito UK
6 years ago
BREXIT & Jain Community – 26th Nov 2016 Start – Growth – Invest – 5th March 20176 Modern Day Taxation – 6th August 2017..

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