JITO International Wing

JITO International Wing takes initiatives in various countries across the globe to build strong relations internationally through networking and achieving synergy of expertise, resources and talent for mutual growth and empowerment


  1. Networking Events
    1. Business and Social Networking Meets / Business delegations to other countries
    2. Exchanging referrals
  2. Networking Events
  3. Business Seminars
    1. To bring in Speakers/ Prominent personalities of particular Trade/ business knowhow/ challenges in business / G2G
  4. JBN (JITO Business Networking)
  5. Professional Forum
  6. Youth Exchange Programs
  7. Trade Expo
  8. Matrimonial programs
  9. Establishing Youth Wing & Ladies Wing
  10. Talent Exchange
  11. Internship Facility
  12. Facilitation of Medical consultancy
  13. Business Meetings facility in Major towns like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc at JITO offices
  14. One business networking and seminar in a year with Indian Members
  15. Participating in JITO Annual Trip for social Networking
  16. New Initiatives as suggested by International Chapters


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